Technical Paper Presentation

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Themes for Technical Paper:

  1. Carbon Emissions and Climate Change
  2. Prevention is better than cure-Elaborate in context of Mother Earth.
  3. TRelief Chain Logistics in Natural Disasters
  4. Tsunami Early Warning system
  5. The role of bio-energy in a climate-changing world
  6. Low impact development for storm water management
  7. E-Waste Recycling and Management
  8. Innovation in municipal waste collection systems
  9. Recovery of valuable metals from waste printed circuit boards
  10. Use of greywater in production of mortar and concrete.
  11. Cyber Security.
  12. Augmented Reality V/S Virtual Reality
  13. SCADA & Automation.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Abstract should not exceed 1 page and Paper should not exceed 8 pages.
  2. The format for the abstract and paper should be as per the format given in the attached document named “Technical paper format_dhara”
  3. Last date of submission of abstract is 15/04/2017. Open for students of all streams.
  4. The subject of the mail with the attached abstract and later, the final paper should be the domain and sub-category under which the paper is categorized.
  5. College I-Card is mandatory on event day.
  6. Please bring your PowerPoint presentation in a pen-drive.
  7. Soft-copies of the submitted paper and PowerPoint presentations must be in the .docx format.
  8. Please mail your abstract, paper and presentation to or . Difficulties will be addressed through the same email-id.
  9. Please bring 2 hardcopies of the submitted paper on the day of the event.
  10. Participants will get 10 minutes for presentation followed by question and answer session.

Faculty Coordinator

  1. Ms. Priyanka Bhartiya

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